Art. No.: 4801
LAMBDA PRECIFLOW – microprocessor-controlled peristaltic pump, non-programmable (Power supply included)
Flow rate: 0-600 ml/hr
Tubing: Silicone tubing or other materials having similar elasticity; inner tubing diameter from 0.5 to 4 mm and tubing wall thickness of approx. 1 mm
Maximum pressure: approx. 0.1 MPa in clockwise rotation; approx. 0.15 MPa in counter-clockwise rotation
Dimensions: 10.5 (W) x 9.5 (H) x 10.5 (D) cm
Warranty: 5 years

Silicone tubing for PRECIFLOW, MULTIFLOW, HiFLOW & MAXIFLOW peristaltic pumps:

We offer 5 m of silicone tubing free of charge with each of our peristaltic pumps. You can select the silicone tubing size and comment on the "Add a note" section when checking out:

  • Silicone tubing 0.5/2.5 mm x 5 m (Art. No. 4815-1s)
  • Silicone tubing 1/3 mm x 5 m (Art. No. 4815-2s)
  • Silicone tubing 2/4 mm x 5 m (Art. No. 4815-3s)
  • Silicone tubing 3/5 mm x 5 m (Art. No. 4815-4s)
  • Silicone tubing 4/6 mm x 5 m (Art. No. 4815-5s)

PRECIFLOW peristaltic pump, 0-600 ml/h


Gradient pumping for islets purification

Two computer-controlled HIFLOW peristaltic pumps used for density gradient-based human islet separation

Two computer-controlled programmable HIFLOW Peristaltic Pumps for gradient generation in automated purification of isolated human islets
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