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Flow rates
Flow rates:

What is the flow range?

Depending on the pump you select, our pumps offer a range of flow rates from 0.2 µl/min to 60,000 ml/hour.



Is the flow reversible?

Yes. The desired flow could achieved either by clock-wise or anticlock-wise rotation.



Could you please provide me information about the precision of dosing of a Lambda peristaltic pump? 

Accuracy of the pumps is about ± 1% and the reproducibility is ± 0.2% (electronics). Speed of rotation of the pump motor is regulated with a precision of quartz watch, which in-turn assures a high precision of the flow rate.



How would I calibrate the flow rate in peristaltic pumps?

The calibration of the pump flow rate with speed can be done to know the amount of the liquid pumped. It could be done in two ways: volumetric calibration of the peristaltic pump flow and pump flow calibration by weight. A short video of peristaltic pump flow calibration can be found at




Multi-channel peristaltic pumps
Multi-channel pumps:

Can I get multi-channel pumps?

We do not manufacture multi-channel pumps. Because with the multi-channel pumps it is not possible to achieve the precise and reproducible flow rates with only one pump motor. For the high precision of flow rate, it is not advisable to use the multi-channel pumps.


If one channel gets blocked then your whole project will get spoiled totally. Instead, we recommend having individual pumps.



Why do I need to use LAMBDA individual pumps over multi-channel pump?

It has more advantages over the multi-channel pumps. The most important thing to take into account is the precise, reproducible and steady flow rate.


If one channel gets blocked then your whole project will get spoiled totally.


The bench space required for the needed channel equivalent to individual LAMBDA Pumps is same as that of a single multi-channel pump, because of the compact structure of the LAMBDA Pumps. 


The individual pumps can be used in other projects too.





How to replace the tubing in pump head?

It is quite simple and easy to replace the tubing in the pump head. You can watch the tutorial for tubing insertion and replacement.



Is the variable speed peristaltic pump compatible with PTFE tubing?

We do not supply PTFE tubings, because PTFE tubing is not elastic enough to be used with our pumps. You can get silicone and fluoropolymer-based tubing with an elasticity that could be acceptable for our pumps.




Flow rate programming:
Flow rate programming

Will it possible to program the pump in some way? (Q=f (t) where f (t) is defined by the user)

Yes, it is possible to program the pump function of time (up to 99 pairs of speed and time can be programmed on the instrument or using the PNet software).


Upstream processing:
Upstream processing

Can I use your pumps under sterile conditions?

You can use LAMBDA Pumps under sterile conditions for achieving the desired controlled flow.



Which pump will you recommend for the linear or exponential increase/decrease in medium feed in fed batch or for starting/stopping the feeding?

The MULTIFLOW, HIFLOW, MAXIFLOW and MEGAFLOW pumps can be programmed in 99 steps of time and speed for linear / exponential feed profiles.



Can LAMBDA peristaltic pump be used for continuous fermentation mode?

Yes, LAMBDA peristaltic pumps can be used for continuous operation mode. The flow rate is very precise and steady and it is gentle on the tubing which is more important for the long term continuous culturing.


MULTIFLOW, HIFLOW, MAXIFLOW and MEGAFLOW can be programmed (up to 99 steps of pump speed and time). These LAMBDA pumps as well as the PRECIFLOW can be remote controlled by PC-software:

  • SIAM automation program

  • FNET fermentation program

  • PNet pump program


It is possible to equip the MINIFOR bioreactor-fermentor system with the weighing module for chemostat.


During the continuous fermentation, the weighing module will keep the medium weight constant by controlling the feed or harvest pump.



Will there be any problem on the pump heating up or even affecting the life of the pump, if worked for long hours say about 24 hours continuously?

LAMBDA Peristaltic pumps for developed for long term continuous processes. It is very gentle on tubing and even the tubing can be easily displaced or even exchanged (low long-term costs since low-cost silicon tubing – not depended on any label or distributor).




Pulsation dampers:
Pulsation dampers

Do you supply Pulsation Dampers with your products?

We do not supply pulsation dampers with our products. Because our pumps are built with new modern technologies which reduces the pulsation several times than the traditional peristaltic pumps.





What is the maximum pressure generated?

The maximum pressure generated is based on the working conditions and the type of tubing used. However, the final pressure of the liquid is reduced by the spring to 0.1–0.2 MPa (according to the tubing used). The pressure does not increase even when the line is blocked.



What would be the pressure generated against the pre set RPM using a silicone tube with 4mm ID?

For the tubing with 4mm ID, the pressure estimated is about 1.5 bar*.

(*The pressure estimation is always subjected to changes based on the working conditions and the type of tubing used).





Can we use these peristaltic pumps in low temperature cabinets between 2 to 4 ⁰C?

Yes, it is possible to use our LAMBDA Peristaltic Pumps at your desired temperature of 2 to 4 ° C.


Our pumps had been used and tested in the laboratory cold rooms continuously for the experiments. The mechanics inside the peristaltic pumps are not affected by the condensation and so it does not affect the working of our pumps at such low temperatures.




Foot switch
Foot switch:
Remote control:

Is there a way to configure the foot pedal to activate the Run button so that a single cycle of the program is performed?

The foot switch can be customized to execute the flow rate program using the foot switch. (addition fee for customization according to the requirements)




Remote control

How do I know if I need a RS-485 or a RS-232 interface?

RS-485 or RS-232 interface is needed, if you would like to remote control your peristaltic pump by PC (serial port). 


When you compare the RS interfaces, there is an advantage of RS-485: you can remote control more than only one instrument by the same serial port on your computer. 



Can the RS 485 be changed with RS 232 cables because the RS 232 is more common here?

The RS-485 is definitely recommended for the use of several instruments from one computer, because it allows communication with up to 99 instruments from one single port (COM port). The communication protocol stays the same and the connection is similar to RS-232 (but through an RS-485/232 converter which is then connected to their standard serial port).


The communication protocol stays the same and the connection is similar to RS-232 (but through an RS-485/232 converter which is then connected to their standard serial port).



What does the RS 485 kit include?

RS-485 connection kit includes:

  1. Power supply for RS-232/485 converter (5V/1W) 

  2. RS-232/485 converter 

  3. PC connection cable with USB connector (One end of the cable will be connected to the RS-232/485 converter and the other end will be connected to the PC using the serial or USB port - with the help of the provided USB connector)




PC software
PC control software:

Is the control software PNet compatible also with Windows?

Yes, the software PNet is compatible with Windows.



Do you confirm us that both "Win XP" and "Win 7" is compatible with PNet?

The PNet software is compatible with both Windows XP and Windows 7.



Is there any license to pay for the software?

PNet is an optional PC software for remote control, data storage and visualization. PNet control software can be used for LAMBDA Peristaltic pumps (PRECIFLOW, MULTIFLOW, HIFLOW, MAXIFLOW, MEGAFLOW), the syringe pumps (VIT-FIT, VIT-FIT HP), powder dosing instrument DOSER and MASSFLOW gas flow controller.


You may connect several LAMBDA Instruments to our PC software without purchasing further licenses.


Is it possible to control LAMDBA peristaltic pumps with other software for a precise dosing of volumes?

Yes, it is also possible to use the PNet PRECIDOSE software with the LAMBDA peristaltic pumps for precise and gravimetric dosing of volumes. Other softwares that can be used to control LAMBDA peristaltic pumps are FNet; SIAM; IKA Labworldsoft, LABVIEW, etc.


Credit card payment:
Credit card

Do you accept American Express Credit Card payments?

Yes. You can pay using your credit card via PayPal (at a cost of 4% of the total sum of the purchase).




Stock & Delivery:

Do you have pumps on stock?

Yes, we have the pumps in stock. We maintain a large stock of instruments, in order to be able to quickly set them up in the desired configuration and to dispatch them in shortest possible time, within few days!

Could not find the information that you are looking for? Please contact for any further questions.

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