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Have you ever asked yourself, how the ideal peristaltic pump should be constructed?


Logically, it should have:


  • Eternal tubing life and no pulsation of the flow - with the help of an infinite pump head diameter

  • No tubing rupture - achieved by largest possible diameter of compression rollers with soft tubing closure

  • Precise tubing compression - to eliminate leaks and rapid mechanical destruction of the tubing.


Of course, a peristaltic pump with an infinite pump head diameter will not fit on laboratory bench-space.


We have found a way to get all of these advantages, while retaining the smallest dimension possible. We offer 5 years* warranty on the LAMBDA laboratory peristaltic pumps. LAMBDA lab peristaltic pump can save more money than it costs!


Specifications of LAMBDA lab peristaltic pumps
LAMBDA Peristaltic Pumps constructed with innovative technology

The long-time optimization of the LAMBDA peristaltic pumps provides features and a quality not found elsewhere.


Therefore, we can offer a 5-year warranty!

Laboratory applications of LAMBDA Peristaltic pumps

The field of application of the laboratory peristaltic pumps is very broad.


Fluid is contained within a flexible tubing, no cross-contamination from pump components. 

"In any case, a great pump. I look forward to buying another"

~ S. Hall, FDA, USA

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